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HR Development at Work runs Wellbeings Programs that focus on psychological wellbeing. You get to experience evidence based assessments, tools and techniques which develop the different aspects of wellbeing, resilience and happiness.

HR Development at Work is proud to be a signatory to the Australian Consensus Statement on the Health Benefits of Good Work (HBGW). As a signatory we demonstrate our commitment to creating workplace wellbeing and workforce engagement. It’s our belief good work plays a central role in contributing to people’s health and wellbeing. We believe in the HBGW and the positive impact we have.

We also have a Counsellor who offers onsite or off-site counselling to help with any personal or workplace issues including anxiety, depression, relationship and family issues, bullying and bereavement. Contact us on for more information about our counselling services or click here for our counselling flyer.

The emotions we experience and the life we lead are a result of our:
  • focus
  • physiology and
  • language
Tony Robbins calls this The Triad. Our focus and language/meaning are reflected in our “rules” or beliefs. To discover yours, complete these sentences “Life is…” “People are …” ”I am…” If…then…”
Our Wellbeings events help you find your way through the maze of wellbeing and resilience models, techniques and exercises proposed by others (including Tony Robbins, Martin Seligman, Sonja Lyubomirsky, and techniques proposed in NLP and psychology, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy).

Our Wellbeings workshops will help you know:
  • Where can I improve my experience of life?
  • What techniques can address this?
  • Which ones will work for me now – given my current feelings, the time I have available and my preferences?

Tony Robbins Triad

Do you know how much benefit your organisation can realise if you instigate a Workplace Wellbeing Program, incorporating psychological wellbeing? Ask us for our overview of Wellbeings Program sessions and email to ask for a FREE invitation to our next Wellbeings taster session.
We can run a Wellbeings program tailored for your people at your premises or you can book us to run sessions as part of your in-house program.

Contact us now to find out more about how these cost effective services can help individuals and your organisation.

Test out exercises to improve:
  • your mood,
  • your relationships,
  • your resilience and
  • your mindset.
Change your world by experiencing what it’s like to operate from your best state.

Learn which exercises work for you and return to work with ideas for how you can continue to improve your wellbeing – with more optimism, more clarity. Facilitated by Bridget Hogg.

We have 13 Wellbeings workshops. To see a list of the content in our 13 Wellbeings workshops, and to find out when our next public Wellbeings Experience will run, please email Enquiries 8322 8455

Resilience at Work

HR Development at Work can incorporate resilience strengths testing into its Wellbeing program with your people – and we offer individual resilience coaching. Using the Australian scale, Resilience at Work (RAW), you receive an individual resilience report and a coaching session. Talk to us about how this can help you.

Positive Education

HR Development at Work also runs sessions for students to improve psychological wellbeing. In conjunction with these we run careers sessions to help students feel more comfortable choosing their career direction and to develop skills in job search, finding the hidden jobs, resume writing and interview skills. We also run sessions for teaching and careers staff to provide them with foundation skills in resume writing and interview skills to help them coach students.

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Wellbeing Facebook Group

Let others know about these free resources to help us share ideas, results and more.

Measuring Wellbeing: A Symposium

Martin Seligman, known as the founder of positive psychology, was in Adelaide in early 2014 speaking about wellbeing and the PERMA model. Hear what he said, plus see videos of many of the other speakers who spoke that week on wellbeing below.

Professor Martin Seligman Lecture: Global Advances in Wellbeing Science, 13 February 2014

Former Adelaide Thinker in Residence, Professor Martin Seligman, in Adelaide to discuss cutting edge developments in Positive Psychology and wellbeing science (at Adelaide Oval on 13 February 2014).


Professor Felicia Huppert - National Measurement and Flourishing

Dr Felicia Huppert draws on her research and experience in measuring national wellbeing, and discusses how to shift a population towards flourishing.


Dr Peggy Kern - Introducing the PERMA-Profiler

Dr Peggy Kern will introduce the PERMA Profiler, a free online validated measure of wellbeing for adults. She will also discuss the EPOCH Measure of Adolescent Wellbeing

Brigadier General (ret.) Rhonda Cornum

Analysis of the Global Assessment Tool that was developed and implemented in the US Army as a comprehensive measure of soldier fitness and wellbeing.


Darren Coppin - From a Welfare State to a Wellbeing State

An uncovering of  some of the remarkable findings from a practical application of the principles of positive psychology to help deliver government policy.


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