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HR Development at Work
was awarded an achievement
award in 2008 by the Hon
Paul Caica MP, Minister for
Employment Training and
Further Education, for
excellence in undertaking
a skills formation program
with South Australia Works,
assisting job seekers
to move forward on
their career path.

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Outplacement Services

HR Development at Work offers redundancy, career transition and outplacement services across the Greater Adelaide area, South Australia. We specialise in providing redundancy and outplacement services in Southern Adelaide and for clients in the CBD. We can provide career transition services to clients outside of South Australia via our interstate partners or via telephone, skype and email coaching.

Please contact 08 8322 8455 or for information about our redundancy, career transition and outplacement services.

For employers: Do make use of the free redundancy information and resources links at 
Outplacement Adelaide. You can find the redundancy pay calculator there too plus lots of information on how to plan for redundancy. We also have a FREE information pack full of tips on managing the human face of outplacement and redundancy. Please email us to request it.


Is your organisation struggling? Do you think you may have to make some positions redundant? We can help you plan and manage redundancy. Ask us to manage career transition and outplacement for your people.

It's difficult for managers to know how to manage redundancies and the resulting impact on staff, suppliers and customers. Managers need training and preparation for times of uncertainty.

Would you like help to know how to prepare for redundancy? Do you need help to manage the people aspects of change effectively so you don’t lose all the talent in the organisation? Do you want to know what to do to ensure the emotional impact is reduced – on those who stay, on those who leave and on your clients? Call HR Development at Work. We can link you to: people to help you plan and prepare; people to guide you through the practicalities and take some of the preparation workload; outplacement, redundancy and change consultants to support your people; and lawyers to help you get it right from the start.

FREE resources for HR Managers and Business Owners anticipating redundancies.

Check out the free links and resources at Outplacement Adelaide to answer all your questions about how to prepare for redundancies. You can also “Like” the Outplacement Adelaide facebook page to find the latest resources, events and useful links. Use it as a forum for your redundancy questions.

Contact HR Development at Work on 8322 8455 or for a free tip sheet on how to prepare for and manage outplacement and redundancies.

The tip sheet includes:

  • questions you need to have answers to before you make any announcements
  • what you need to do to prepare for redundancies
  • tips on how to communicate difficult decisions – with a special focus on what to say on the day to individuals most affected (and who to have on standby to help you)
  • ideas for how you can manage this situation of uncertainty effectively.

Outplacement, Career Transition and Redundancy Services

Bridget Hogg, Principal Consultant, HR Development at Work and her team of redundancy, career transition and outplacement consultants, assist organisations to effectively manage down-sizing and outplacement.

Contact us on (08) 8322 8455 for a free no obligation, confidential meeting to find out how we can assist you in times of uncertainty and change. If you would prefer us to send you information about our career transition programs, please contact us on

As well as assisting those directly affected by redundancy we also run workshops for:

  • change leaders (to help them prepare for effective change),
  • managers (to help them manage change effectively, anticipate the reactions of their people, assisting them effectively)
  • team members (to help them build resilience to manage themselves in a time of change and uncertainty)

Please ask us to meet with you or send you information about these workshops and how they can help your staff.


We were recognised in October 2008 for our achievements in assisting job seekers by the Hon. Paul Caica, Minister for Employment, Training and Further Education.

Outplacement services to Adelaide and South Australian organisations

HR Development at Work is based in the South Metro area of Adelaide in South Australia. We specialise in offering outplacement services to organisations within South Australia. As part of this service we also provide career coaching and job search assistance to employees whose position has been made redundant. More details follow below.

We have assisted employees, whose position was made redundant, from the public and private sector. Past clients include: Adelaide Festival Centre, Australian Liquor and Hospitality, Classic Timber Furniture, ClickClack, Coles Myer, Electrolux, Genesys, Hagemeyer, Inverarity, Lion Nathan, Maxxium, Medicare Local, Officemax, SACA, South Australia Works in the Region and the Family Court.

The Client’s View

For more testimonials about our outplacement and job seekers services please click on “testimonials” at the top of the page.

"Thanks again for this service – I contacted Peter just to congratulate him and get some feedback on the entire process. He was really happy with the service he was given at HR Dev at Work and felt you were a fantastic help for him." Nicola Hentschke, HR Manager, Churches of Christ Lifecare

"I would really like to thank you for the support that you provided during the week after I was retrenched. The help with my resume and interview practice was invaluable, particularly as I hadn't been unemployed for many years and was very much out of practice. It really boosted my confidence which I really appreciate. Thank you also for your advice and support long after your contract with (my former employer) was completed. I attended most of the seminars you recommended and met with other people in my age group in a similar position. It can get very lonely while searching for employment and it was good to exchange ideas and stories with my peers. Thank you once again." David Brewer

"Bridget provided a very professional service when handling a difficult situation. I had never heard of outplacement services until I met Bridget. I investigated other outplacement options and decided to choose HR Development at Work. I have been extremely pleased with the service and support that she provided." Elwyne Smith, Genesys Wealth Advisors

“Bridget provided outplacement support for a number of people in 2001 when I worked at SA Brewing. Clearly there were some high emotions involved for individuals with this change and they all spoke glowingly of her ability to be supportive, objective and keep them focussed on what they had to do next. They were also quick to comment on Bridget’s genuine concern and how at ease they felt with her. Additionally, Bridget provided career counselling for another individual … She achieved what years of internal coaching had not been able to! I would have no hesitation calling on Bridget’s services again."Erin Taplin. Formerly HR / Organisational Development Manager, Lion Nathan (Adelaide).

How we help

We provide assistance and advice in a variety of ways, typically via individual coaching but we can also offer group sessions. We back up our advice with workbooks and provide individualised information to each person we assist including local contact lists.

Assistance for Organisations

TickMaintaining the company’s image during a difficult time.

TickGuidance in managing the impact of restructuring and transition on remaining employees.

TickUnderstanding of the impact of restructuring on employee retention.

Advice for Managers

TickGuidance for managers in delivering the news to individuals and the team. What to say and what not to say.

TickAdvice on how to manage reactions.

TickAssistance for managers to prevent and manage repercussions in the workplace.

Guidance for Individuals and Groups

TickOn-site support at the time the employee is given the news.

TickAssistance for the individual involved to manage emotional reactions and the impact on the family.

TickAssistance in resume writing.

TickJob search guidance.

TickGuidance to write covering letters that get interviews.

TickInterview skills advice and practice.

TickAssistance in negotiating a new starting salary with a new employer.

TickAdvice and contacts for those who wish to pursue self-employment or part-retirement.

Previous outplacement clients said:

“Thank you for your assistance during my recent outplacement counselling sessions. I have no hesitation in saying that the sessions were major factor in my finding suitable employment so quickly. The personal meeting sessions were relaxed and productive. From the first session my confidence was raised…When first provided with the offer of outplacement counselling from my previous employer I had not really decided whether to take up the opportunity. I had a preconceived view of this type of counselling more as a stress or grief management service than as a pro-active employment training exercise…I may not even have contacted (Bridget) if you had not made the initial contact. Needless to say I am now extremely glad you did …”

“The entire program was extremely useful”

To find out more about how we help organisations, managers, individuals and groups during down-sizing and restructuring, please call Bridget Hogg, Principal Consultant, HR Development at Work on (08) 8322 8455.

Have you got a job search coach?

If you are a job seeker, if your position has been made redundant, if you would like some assistance to manage your job search - do contact us for information about our Career Development Service. If you haven't got a job search coach yet, ask yourself - how could an experienced job search coach help me to make my next career move more quickly?

Our job search coaching helps you to get it right first time and get results more quickly.

Why do some people seem to fly through redundancies and job search with confidence and energy? Our coach can help you to maintain your spirit and confidence as you face a career transition. Get the support you need to help you make your move now.

Your job search coach will help you plan your career goals - and reach them.

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