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HR Development at Work
was awarded an achievement
award in 2008 by the Hon
Paul Caica MP, Minister for
Employment Training and
Further Education, for
excellence in undertaking
a skills formation program
with South Australia Works,
assisting job seekers
to move forward on
their career path.

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Next Steps for
Retrenched Workers

Job Seekers

Help for job seekers

We can assist job seekers in job search, in developing strong links to employers and in resume writing and interview skills. There is a fee for this service. Typically our fees are paid by employers if they are making redundancies. We help people at all job levels including Senior Executives and CEO’s. Each service is tailored to the individual.

We also provide group workshops.

Help is available via individual and group coaching to help job seekers, and those whose position has been made redundant, to:

  • Develop a career pathway plan
  • Identify specific next steps (non-accredited training, accredited training, work experience and/or employment) to reach your employment goal
  • Develop self-presentation skills (finding the hidden jobs, confidently communicating their skills, resume writing, cover letters and applications, interview skills)
  • Use a computer or smartphone for career development planning, job search, writing a resume and applying for jobs online
  • Find employment opportunities you are suited for

Please contact HR Development at Work to find out more information: call 8322 8455; or email

Questions and Information

Click here to view our 5 minute guide to competency interviewing for job seekers. This short video will show you the 4 stages of a great answer to a competency interview question and help you know how to get top marks.

Contact for information or questions about our job seeker services..

Please view and LIKE the Next Steps facebook page and scroll through for information about occasional free workshops, Careers Expo’s, links to our future events, career path planning, training options and new job seeker assistance programs as they are announced.

Career Resources


We were recognised in October 2008 for our achievements in assisting job seekers by the Hon. Paul Caica, Minister for Employment, Training and Further Education. Bridget Hogg, Principal Consultant, HR Development at Work, was also recognised as an Unsung Hero (Business) by Marion Council in their 2017 Unsung Hero awards.

The Client’s View

For more testimonials about our outplacement and job seekers services please click on “testimonials” at the top of the page.

"I found Bridget's course (Next Steps Job Seeker workshop) extremely useful.  It was interesting to see and hear the perspective of the interviewer and what they want to hear and see, and that gave me more confidence to be the interviewee.  I found the SOAR acronym particularly helpful as it gave me a structure to answer all questions from the interviewer, both easy and difficult, and this made it much easier.  The use of the words as a sentence starter was particularly helpful. 

I also found my resume writing improved beyond measure.  I also saw this from the employer's perspective and understood more fully exactly what they would like to see in a resume.

Bridget was an enthusiastic, patient and knowledgeable tutor."

Brigeen Gilroy

How we help

We provide assistance and advice in a variety of ways, via individual coaching or group sessions.

Have you got a job search coach?

If you are a job seeker, if your position has been made redundant, if you would like some assistance to manage your job search - do contact us for information about our services. If you haven't got a job search coach yet, ask yourself - how could an experienced job search coach help me to make my next career move more quickly?

Our job search coaching helps you to get it right first time and get results more quickly.

Why do some people seem to fly through redundancies and job search with confidence and energy? Our coach can help you to maintain your spirit and confidence as you face a career transition. Get the support you need to help you make your move now.

Your job search coach will help you plan your career goals - and reach them.

Job Search Coaching will:-

TickInspire you to make decisions and stop putting them off.

TickInspire you to take action now by guiding you to take the most effective job search strategies.

TickHelp you go beyond the ordinary, to build an impressive resume and learn how to impress at the two different         types of interview you are likely to face.

TickObtain maximum fulfilment in your career by choosing and pursuing a new path now with our help.

"A coach can help you tune in better to your needs and values, and find a position that is a good match for you."

Facing a career decision? Job Search Coaching can help you decide "where next?" and help you successfully take action on specific career issues.

Sounds great, but how do I know it's for me?

Job Search Coaching may not be for you. It's for people who are determined to move forward and want help and encouragement to choose and find a new career path to get new results now. We only accept you for Job Search Coaching if you are willing to commit to taking action and moving forward in your life.

What does it cost?

If you meet the criteria for free Government funded programs the only cost will be your time and effort. Most of the programs we run are free for serious job seekers who want employment soon and who live in Southern Adelaide (Cities of Onkaparinga, Marion, Mitcham and Holdfast Bay).

If this doesn’t apply to you, you can ask us about paying for your program yourself. Call 8322 8455.

HR Development at Work is there for you

HR Development at Work can help you.

Contact us on +61 8 8322 8455 or for help and advice about attraction, retention, managing the people aspects of change and creating a happy workplace.

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