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HR Development at Work is an attraction, retention and change management consultancy, dedicated to creating workplace wellbeing. We are based in Adelaide, South Australia.  

As part of our service we run in-house and public workshops on topics such as: Wellbeings, Attracting and Retaining Talent, Job Seeker skills (resume writing, interview skills etc); Managing the People Aspects of Change; Identifying if Your Staff need Counselling Support, and Competency Interview Skills for Managers.

Our next public workshops are Attracting and Retaining Talent and Interview Skills. Both are fast paced, half-day short courses for busy managers. Both courses will be held on Wednesday March 28th – book now to reserve your place and for early bird rates. To see the content of the workshops, and to book your place, click here for the details.

Call us for details of our workshops and to enquire about public and in-house workshops, individual or group coaching. We can design workshops to meet the needs of your group. Our workshop design is informed by our background, training and experience in human resources, NLP (Practitioner), counselling, learning and development and business psychology (BSc MSc).

Attracting and Retaining Talent Masterclasses
Book your in-house Masterclass now with Bridget Hogg, designer and facilitator of the very popular “Attracting and Retaining Talent Masterclass.” These Masterclasses have been held with business associations and organisations across Australia since 2004 – book yours now.
We run in-house Masterclasses for top teams to help organisations develop a Strategic Attraction and Retention Plan. 
The Masterclass covers: 
  • The key issues around attraction and retention of talent in your organisation, based on industry research
  • Employer Branding
  • Employee Value Propositions
  • How your attraction and retention strategy will impact on your recruitment, organisation development and the whole of the employee lifecycle.
The outcome of the Masterclass is a draft Strategic Attraction and Retention Plan with ideas around your Employer Brand (your current brand and Desired, Future Brand) and Employee Value Propositions captured. 
Register your interest for an in-house or industry Attracting and Retaining Talent Masterclass now by emailing


Radio Interview

Click here to listen to Bridget Hogg, Principal Consultant, HR Development at Work being interviewed for 20 minutes on psychological wellbeing on the Ways to Wellbeing blogtalk radio.

Click here to visit the HR Development at Work wellbeing page.


"Have enjoyed workshops by Bridget. She is a vibrant and good presenter. Keeps people interested."
Anne F

"Bridget has a fantastic way of describing different scenarios in job interviews. She provides great detail in all areas of topics. There is a lot of humour in her program."
J Rose

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of our public training workshops make sure you receive Dinkum Oil – Adelaide’s monthly attraction, retention and change e-newsletter. Click on the newsletter link above to see the latest issue and to request that we send you the newsletter with updates on forthcoming public workshops.

In addition, to make sure you know about free workshops and events – or last minute events that miss the newsletter - please 'Like' our Facebook page.

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To hear what participants say about how our training helps them, have a look at the testimonials section of this website.

Popular workshops that we can tailor and run for your organisation

If your organisation needs training or development in the areas of leadership skills, attraction, retention, change management or creating a happy organisation, please contact us. We can design, tailor and facilitate workshops on many such topics. A few of our most popular workshop titles are:

TickAttracting and Retaining Talent Masterclass – for the top team, HR Managers and those who need to write a        Strategic Attraction and Retention Plan

TickThe Managers Role in Retention™ - for any people manager

TickPlanning and Managing the People Aspects of Change – for change leaders and the HR team.

TickUnderstanding and Managing Your Team’s Reaction to Change – for team leaders and managers at all levels

TickBuilding Resilience in a Time of Change and Uncertainty – for professionals with no staff management         responsibilities and team members

TickPerformance Conversations – for people managers

TickRecruiting for Success in a Tough Marketplace – for business owners and people managers

TickInterview Skills – for managers responsible for recruitment interviewing, or for interviewees

TickFinding a Job - resume writing, job search and interview skills, what employers are looking for – for job seekers,         those seeking internal promotion, those being re-deployed or whose position has been made redundant.

TickEnergising Your Team - The Three Signs of a Miserable Job for managers and the HR team.

TickCreating Workplace Happiness – for everyone

TickManaging Outplacement and Redundancy – for business owners and managers

TickSituational Leadership – for people managers

TickCompetences and their use in organisations – for business owners, managers and HR.

TickGetting the Values Off the Wall – and into people’s hearts and minds and the practices of the organisation – for         everyone

TickExit interviews – for the HR team or business owners

Our client experience – what our clients say

Here are just a few of our client testimonials – to see more, click on the testimonials page above.

Managing the People Aspects of Change

"Bridget was highly recommended to me by another organisation and when the time arose to use her services I could not have been more pleased. Part of our organisation was going through a restructure, so with Bridget's expertise we were able to offer external support to our employees and this service was used by a number of them. To also assist myself and a couple of managers, I sought Bridget's expertise to run a workshop on "Managing the People Aspects of Change". This was presented professionally but flexible to those attending."
Paula Ridge, (formerly Human Resources Coordinator, South Australian Cricket Association)

"I found Bridget to be a true professional. In her pre-workshop briefings, in her delivery and in her post workshop follow-up she impressed everyone with her attention to detail, her understanding of the client's needs, her thorough approach and her personable, capable manner. I recommend Bridget to you without hesitation."
Adrian Skull (formerly OD Manager, Adelaide City Council, now at City of Marion)

Attracting and Retaining Talent Masterclass

"The Attracting and Retaining Talent Masterclass was probably the best one day training course I have attended in the last ten years. Bridget's easy-going presentation style enabled plenty of interaction amongst the attendees and we were able to share our experiences in trying to attract and retain staff. The Masterclass was extremely informative and provided a very useful, practical and appropriate model for the development of a Workforce Attraction and Retention Plan. I have already used the model to develop a strategic plan for a specific work group. I wish more training courses were as good as the Masterclass!"
John Windsor, Human Resource Manager, SA Dental Service

Interview Skills

“Well done, interactive, involving, you kept us engaged. You are a gifted teacher"
from a participant on our Interview Skills for Small Business Owners workshop

The Managers Role In Retention™

"Well done Bridget on another riveting and inspiring workshop! The Managers Role in Retention is a brilliant opportunity to further understand the importance of attracting and retaining talent, particularly with the prediction of staff shortages over the next few decades. This workshop encourages you to think laterally and consider various scenarios and strategies. Although we all endeavour to retain our staff, this workshop is a reminder that we can always do it better..." Dee Kazek-Hoad, Human Resources Manager, d'Arenberg Pty Ltd

Performance Conversations

"The Performance Conversations and Feedback session run by Bridget was extremely useful. Having only managed staff for a few years, I was keen to extend my thinking about managing performance. The day reiterated to me the importance of continuous feedback and communication. The workshop assisted me to develop some strategies to ensure that this topic stayed on my agenda and becomes part of my everyday practice with staff. The workshop allowed us to also share some of our more frustrating performance management issues, and work through these. It was a great exercise to see how different people approach different situations and what may be the consequence of various approaches. Bridget lead the group well, allowing the group to drive some discussions, but bring it back in line when needed. The workshop has motivated me and given me more direction in my supervisory role with my staff."
Jane Rajkowski, Regional Community Care Manager - Southern Region
Masonic Homes Incorporated

Managing Pressure at Work

"Team Dynamics was an area of concern within our business. With HR Development at Work's input, and hands on workshop, we were able to isolate some of the major breakdowns and areas of communication, probe these areas in more detail and then actively work on the repair process. Today, we're a better company for this....."
Peter Whalley, Managing Director, Sybiz Software.

"The best thing was... having the opportunity to voice my opinions in a safe environment."
Christine Morris (formerly HR Consultant, DAIS)

Situational Leadership

"The best thing about this (Situational Leadership) workshop for me was the realisation that style relates to task rather than individual – can use different styles for the same person. As a result I am going to review my relationships with my team, particularly expectations, and fellow party's performance with their team." Bruce Spangler, CEO, Bentleys MRI

Call us to discover how we can assist you to develop your staff. We can design workshops to meet your particular needs. Our workshops are fun, participative and informative.

HR Development at Work is there for you

HR Development at Work can help you.

Contact us on +61 8 8322 8455 or for help and advice about attraction, retention, managing the people aspects of change and creating a happy workplace.

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