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Justine and Julia – placement students 2008.
Justine and Julia
Placement Students

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QuestionAre you looking for a student placement?

QuestionDo you want it to be fun and hands-on?

QuestionDo you want to see your supervisor frequently?

QuestionDo you want specific feedback and guidance to help you develop?

A placement at HR Development at Work is unlike any other.

"Bridget at HR Development at Work is a wonderful supervisor for placement. Bridget works with you and the hours you are available to deliver the most rewarding experience she can. Bridget is always making sure you are on track and have enough work to do! I absolutely recommend taking advantage of placement at HR Development at Work. I’ve had a wonderful opportunity full of hands on work which has been rewarding and challenging. I’ve worked with job seekers and business owners and attended many seminars that all offer valuable insight into HR and running a business. This is a fantastic placement for any Psychology student especially if you have an interest in HR or small business management."
Thomas Moffatt (2017)

Tom Moffat

"My placement at HR Development at Work has been a great experience. During my time on placement I was able to learn about tender writing, interview skills, resume writing skills and the Human Resource Industry. I was given the valuable experience of working one-on-one with job seekers to help them write their resumes and cover letters and coach them in interview skills. Bridget was a great mentor, she encouraged my interests in Psychology and Human Resources and provided support and flexibility in working hours. Overall, I would highly recommend this placement and feel that it has helped me gain the skills and confidence to enter the workforce."
Kate Mahon (2016)

"My placement at HR Development at Work could not be described as anything short of worthwhile.  It was one of my first insights into the HR industry, and Bridget accommodated to my relatively hectic timetable. Bridget also consistently encouraged participation as a co-facilitator in her workshops (e.g. resume writing, interview skills, wellbeings etc.), and I believe that being able to take on this role has equipped me with a range of skills which has demonstrated to be valuable beyond this placement. This practical experience has also allowed me to interact with a variety of populations (e.g. job seekers, HR managers etc.), which again, speaks volumes about the breadth of Bridget’s knowledge and business sense.

Over the course of this placement, Bridget skilfully empowered me to achieve the tasks set, and was always willing to provide feedback when necessary. Bridget often ensured that the tasks set were aligned with what I wanted to get out of the placement – a testament to her genuine interest in my personal and professional growth. My sincere recommendation to take on this placement could honestly not be conveyed within this single testimony."
Mandy Ma (2016)

"Undertaking a placement was such an important part of my career path and Bridget made my experience easy where a lot learning took place. The placement was very hands on and enabled me to do a lot of the learning for myself. Bridget was a great mentor and she gave excellent guidance and room for self-advancement. I am normally a nervous public speaker but after sitting this placement I am confident in speaking in public, including in front of business people. The workshops were a great experience that gave me a real insight into HR areas while also enhancing on my skills. Conducting a wellbeing’s workshop with Bridget was the stand out for me as we were able to put ideas together as to what would be in the workshop and how it would run. Teaching individuals in job seeker skills was also a great experience as it enabled me to update my resume, cover letter and skills to do with interview techniques and networking, while also feeling confident to teach individuals in these areas. Overall I had an excellent experience and I would recommend this placement to any student that is seeking a real hands on experience. Bridget is an excellent mentor and I hope to do business with her in the future."
Sarah Kyle, Flinders University student (2015)

"Undertaking my placement at HR Development at Work has been such a great experience. Bridget is an excellent mentor and very pleasant to work with. I started off the placement with absolutely no desire or confidence to ever present workshops or coach others and finished with a new-found confidence thanks to Bridget's encouragement. The placement is a very hands on experience, allowing us to learn more about the business and HR side of psychology as opposed to just sitting back and watching Bridget do all the work. The different types of workshops that Bridget runs also means that there aren't repetitive, tedious days and you won't be bored. Reviewing/learning content, editing workbooks, practicing exercises, writing demonstrations, all tasks we completed throughout the placement that really expanded our knowledge. Overall, an excellent placement to go to for hands on experience with so many valuable learning opportunities (and also a great view!)."
Flora from Uni SA (2015)

"HR Development at Work has been such an eye opening placement experience, it Introduced me to the business side of psychology and helped me understand how vital some of the psychological underpinnings can be to recruitment and training. I was able to understand two completely different paradigms, firstly training HR representatives and recruiters on how to increase validity in their interviewing skills, secondly I was able to work with and help understand the perspectives of job seekers (which can be extremely relevant to graduating university students) helping them find their passions and then assimilating related knowledge, resume skills and interview skills to help them achieve their goals. All in all it was an experience that really put to work all the theory learnt through the degree, and I couldn't think of a way to get more out of a placement experience"
Stevi Newman (2014)

"Placement with Bridget at HR Development at Work was a stand-out amongst my placements in two important ways. Firstly, the amount of time actually spent with Bridget engaging in work and learning from her was far greater than in other placements. My other supervisors have been great, but realistically they only spent a few hours with me per week because their work drew them onto other tasks. Bridget probably spent about half of the time with me because, for the most part, she and I were working together on the same projects. Don’t worry though, she’s not ‘in-your-face’, it’s more about collaboration and working together in a fun way! That brings me to the second stand out feature of the placement. Bridget is all about Happiness At Work and I am pleased to say she does practice what she preaches, making work enjoyable – because it is varied and you have genuine input – and relaxed while still being productive. At the end of days on placement I often felt slightly guilty, “Did I actually do any work today?” – but then I thought about what I’d achieved that day and realised I’d done as much as on any other placement – it just didn’t seem like it! Highly recommended placement if you actually want to ‘do stuff’, talk to real people in real situations, be challenged, and learn from it."
Warren Rerden (2009) Final Year, Master of Psychology (Work & Organisational), UniSA.

"I would recommend this placement to any Masters of Organisational Psychology student. Bridget pushed me to take ownership and be accountable for different parts of projects, and this helped me to feel as though I was a valuable and contributing member of the team. It was fantastic to see (someone) working in the organisational area that had such a passion for evidence-based practice and who rated my learning opportunities as a high priority."
Kayla Johnson (2010 - 2011) - University of Adelaide.

"As a placement student at HR Development at Work, I gained hands-on experience that I can use to ignite my career in human resource management. I was actively involved in workshops that helped job seekers gain interview skills and build emotional resilience in a tough job market. I was also fortunate enough to gain some experience in helping organizations develop effective skills around teamwork at Bridget's ‘Building a Happy, High Performing Workplace’ workshop. Bridget provided a flexible working (and learning) environment with plenty of support during my placement. Since I was involved in dealing with real situations, I felt that the challenges that I came across enabled me to also develop the confidence that I previously lacked."
Chris Galon (2012) Masters in Human Resources student – University of South Australia, 2012.

To see what other students say about their placement experience with us – scroll down the page!

The first thing that will strike you about a placement with us is the beach view – the second is how much valuable development experience you can obtain to grow your career in the direction you want to take it.

Students who have completed their placements with us tell us they value the interesting hands-on experience they get from our placement, compared to some other placements. It may also surprise you that you have so much contact with your supervisor at HR Development at Work, that our workplace is very informal – and that our office, with a beach view, is about 35 minutes drive from the City, and can also be accessed by rail or bus.

Working with us is not like any other placement.

If you are a student in a Psychology or Human Resources Masters Program then our placements can help you to gain the necessary hands-on workplace experience. You can gain experience in any or all of the following: creating happy organisations; attraction and retention consultancy; supporting our outplacement and job seeker programs; training facilitation; and program management and/or design. See what our students say (below) about their specific experiences and what they did on placement, to get a better idea of what it’s really like.

Why your needs are a priority

We take time to ensure that our placement matches your needs. We help you to articulate what you want to get from your placement. We help you to understand what we can offer, what your obligations are – and how you can influence the experiences you get at HR Development at Work. You can use this placement in a number of ways: to gently ease into the world of work; to learn new skills, such as facilitating workshops or running job seeker coaching sessions; or you can stretch yourself and take on new challenges.

Are you the right person to do a placement at HR Development at Work?

HR Development at Work aims to create happy workplaces in Adelaide. We are Adelaide’s attraction, retention and change consultancy.

If you…

TickAre committed to creating happy workplaces

TickAre committed to reflecting the highest professional standards in all that you do

TickAre ready to see what impact you can have on individuals and organisations in Adelaide

Please contact us and register your interest in doing a placement with us.

You can email Bridget Hogg, Principal Consultant of HR Development at Work at or call (08) 8322 8455. We will chat with you to discuss your ideas for a placement and to see if our placement will suit you. When we are sure that a placement for you at HR Development at Work will benefit us both, we will send you a confidentiality agreement to read. Before you commence your placement we will ask you to sign and return the confidentiality agreement.

When should I contact you?

Sometimes our placements are in such high demand that places are booked many months in advance! Contact us now – even if you don’t have a resume to send us yet. There’s no time like the present to find out more and to register your interest.

What careers do your placement students pursue afterwards?

We take students for first, second and final placements. Some students on their first placement have been accepted for further placements with organisations such as Santos and Adelaide City Council. Some have gone on to commence careers in large public or private sector organisations, in Adelaide and interstate, such as BAE Systems. Others have moved overseas to start their careers or into the provision of job seeker services.

Placement Students’ Experiences – what our placement students say

This is what some of our past placement students say about different aspects of working with us.

"My placement at HR Development at Work was very flexible in that I was able to choose what development opportunities I wanted and felt comfortable with. I had the opportunity to help job seekers with interview skills, resume writing and confidence building which was very rewarding work. Bridget was always there to help me and to answer my questions so I never felt on my own. My confidence in presenting workshops improved greatly while on placement as did my confidence in coaching others."
Emily Small (2011)

"My placement with Bridget was a great experience and a fantastic choice for a first placement. She was able to expose me to a variety of different work, allowed me to learn at my own pace, and was very flexible with hours. She really took the time to share her knowledge and ensured that I got the most out of my time with her."
Pia Algate (2010)

"My placement at HR Development at Work has provided me with many valuable experiences. One of the best things about this placement was the opportunity to direct my own learning by choosing what projects I wanted to take part in. As well as having developed other skills, my ability to professionally present information to both large and small groups of people has improved hugely from all the practice I received throughout my time here. I also have made some excellent contacts that will no doubt help me in the future, and I really enjoyed working in such a friendly and relaxed environment. Overall, a great placement!"
Edward Weaver (2009)

"Throughout my placement at HR Development at Work, I had the opportunity to help job-seekers improve their job application skills, so that they could find their dream job or kick-start a new career. I was able to teach people how to construct convincing resumes and cover letters and how to address job criteria in an application. I also gave guidance in interviewing skills and developing everyday networking skills and personal resilience. Working with job-seekers, both one-on-one and in groups, gave me confidence in teaching and coaching and was a thoroughly rewarding experience. Giving people practical advice with measurable outcomes (such as finding a job) helped me to learn a lot from the placement, as well as gain fulfilment and satisfaction in my work."
Julia Canny (2008)

"In my placement at HR Development at Work I got to prepare and take part in a number of workshops. Some workshops include ‘The Managers Role in Retention™’ - a workshop designed to help HR / general managers find and keep talented staff and ‘Attraction and Retention of Talent Masterclass’ which builds upon these skills. Preparation really reinforced all those skills I had learnt at uni such as creating power-points and organising any relevant notes and latest research. Leading a workshop really allowed me to practice and develop my public speaking skills and gain confidence talking in front of a group of people. Applying my learnt skills in the ‘real-world’ is a rewarding and exciting experience, one I get to do with Bridget."
Justine Gold (2008)

"During the course of my placement at HR Development at Work, I became familiar with writing professional resumes for job seekers in the Career Development Service, and participating in and delivering workshops (such as the Interview Skills Workshop and Managing the People Aspects of Change). The Career Development Service has been assisting a number of job seekers to find their desirable job or start a new career. I took care of few job seekers and some of them were able to find a job shortly. I gleaned much from Bridget about conducting effective workshops, and improved my questioning skills while maintaining an upbeat momentum of participants etc. Her knowledge sharing, patience and guidance have given me an invaluable understanding of the typical and regular role of the psychologist in a business setting. The placement at HR Development at Work is exciting and rewarding."
Camay Leung (2008)

"My placement with HR Development at Work has provided me with the opportunity to work in an environment, which is different from a “traditional” office setting and the specific location in which I worked in everyday was different to suit client needs. In my previous placements I worked behind a desk both filing papers and writing reports and did not get provided the opportunity to interact with clients on a daily basis as much as I would have liked. At HR Development Work I got to schedule my time so that I was in a situation which allowed me to interact with job seekers and clients in a comfortable environment. HR Development at Work has an organizational culture which is very open to communication and I always felt comfortable discussing any areas of interest which I wanted to take part in such as working with job seekers, attending workshops for interviewing skills, and even running parts of the workshop! By assisting in writing resumes, cover letters, developing presentation skills, preparing for workshops and working with outplacement and career development services, I can already see a great deal of improvement in my communication skills. Assisting Bridget and being involved with HR Development at Work is like being a member of a team and I can guarantee that the skills I learnt from my placement will be applied to my role as an organisational psychologist in the future."
Komal Ram Hiranandani (2008)

"Whilst on placement with Bridget Hogg, I was able to gain the knowledge and confidence to work one on one with clients, as well as help run group workshops. Whilst on placement I helped Bridget run career transition workshops with people seeking employment as well as attraction and retention workshops with HR managers and GM’s to help them to attract, select and retain staff. From the workshops I have participated in with Bridget, I have been able to meet and work with a number of key HR managers in Adelaide, and provide and apply extra psychological knowledge which I have learnt. I have also been able to work with a number of individual job seekers to help them write resumes, create strategies for job seeking, and help them practice their interview skills.

My placement with Bridget has helped me learn more about the area of attraction and selection, and apply psychological knowledge to real life situations. Bridget runs a number of really interesting workshops which would be beneficial for any placement student to sit in on. Further, placement with Bridget is fun, flexible and provides a great environment for a practical learning experience."
Patrick Hosking 2007 (now working in the provision of job seeker services)

"HR Development at Work was a great placement. Bridget’s focus on attraction and retention of employees has provided me with an in-depth understanding of a topical and highly relevant subject. I was also able to develop and hone my facilitation skills by co-facilitating with Bridget. I really enjoyed Bridget sharing her immense knowledge of running a consultancy business and working in the area of organisational psychology as I feel it has given me a new insight into the business".
Sherylee Williams 2006 (now working in HR at BAE Systems)

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