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Do you have a strategic attraction and retention plan for your organisation? Would you like your leaders to understand how to attract and retain talent? We can help you with:

TickThe Attracting and Retaining Talent Masterclass – to help top teams develop a Strategic Attraction and Retention Plan; and

TickThe Managers Role in Retention™ - to help team leaders manage retention.

Tick Attracting and Retaining Talent short course – a half day fast paced course on Wednesday March 28th – book now to reserve your place and for early bird rates. To see the content of the workshop, and to book your place, click here for the details.

Call us on 08 8322 8455.

QuestionDo you want to improve Wellbeing in your organisation?

We design and run tailored Wellbeing Programs for your people – focusing on developing psychological wellbeing. Using Martin Seligman’s Wellbeing assessments (PERMA and EPOCH), and Wellbeing development tools and exercises which we design specifically for the needs of the group – we can help you measure and develop Wellbeing.

To see more on Wellbeing research, tools, initiatives and resources, like the facebook page and join the facebook group.

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QuestionAre you retaining the employees you need? If not, how can we help you?

QuestionWould you like us to work with you to identify the causes of high turnover, to improve retention?

QuestionDo you know what employees and potential employees think about working for you? Is your Employer Brand going to help you retain the staff you need to keep?

QuestionDo you know why your top performers leave?

QuestionDo you know why your staff want to stay with your organisation (i.e. your key retention factors?)

QuestionDo you want to create Wellbeing and a happy environment, which leads to motivation, retention and accomplishment?

QuestionAre you looking for help to develop an effective Strategic Retention Plan?

HR Development at Work can help you to identify the key retention factors in your organisation. We can help you to develop your strengths and address areas which need development.

We can help you to retain staff and create a happy, productive organisation.

We can assist you to:

TickIdentify the key retention factors for your organisation or industry. Help you discover what people think about working for your organisation – and help you to develop an Employer Brand that leads to improved retention

TickDetermine how much your planned initiatives will add to employee tenure. Help your managers understand their role in retention. Help your managers to effectively manage the people aspects of change

TickHelp your managers understand what they can do to motivate and retain employees

TickTailor The Managers Role in Retention™ program for your managers and run it in-house to improve your staff retention rates

TickHelp you choose and use the best retention strategies for your organisation and targeted groups of employees.

Tick Help you develop, implement and monitor your Strategic Attraction and Retention Plan.

Retention Training

We can also provide many training workshops to improve your employee retention (all tailored to your needs). These include:

TickThe Attracting and Retaining Talent Masterclass, for those responsible for developing and implementing a Strategic Attraction and Retention Plan.

TickThe Managers Role in Retention™

TickPerformance Conversations – how to motivate and inspire all your staff

TickManaging the People Aspects of Change

TickCreating Wellbeing in Your Organisation

Our client experience - what our clients say

The testimonials section of our website has many compliments and accolades from clients who love the way we help them manage retention issues. We have helped over 200 organisations (both public and private sector) to manage staff retention – from assistance with developing a retention plan, to helping them determine key causes of, and solutions to, voluntary staff resignation.

Participants on our Attracting and Retaining Talent Masterclass develop their own Strategic Attraction and Retention Plan with our help – here is what just one client said:

"I'd just like to say that your Attracting and Maintaining Talent Masterclass was fantastic. It was practical, relevant and the most useful course I have been to since my time in HR. The content was readily translated in the workplace and I have used all of the materials that you gave us for writing reports and guiding our workforce planning, attraction and retention strategies. Very rarely do you attend a course and take away so much from it! Thanks Bridget." Antonietta Girolamo HR Officer Training and Development, Adelaide City Council

To see more feedback from our clients about how much they got from attending the Masterclass see the testimonials section of this website.

Call us to discover how we can assist you to retain employees so you can run a happy, successful organisation.

HR Development at Work is there for you

HR Development at Work can help you.

Contact us on +61 8 8322 8455 or for help and advice about attraction, retention, managing the people aspects of change and creating a happy workplace.

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