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Alliance Member - South Australia's Strategic Plan

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our vision & values

Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to create happy workplaces, starting in Adelaide. We want to improve the working life and experience of Australian employees, and, at the same time, to help Australian organisations improve profitability, customer satisfaction, market image and other key outcomes.

HR Development at Work is an alliance partner of the South Australian State Strategic Plan, committed to improving the wellbeing and work life balance of South Australians. HR Development at Work is proud to be a signatory to the Australian Consensus Statement on the Health Benefits of Good Work (HBGW). As a signatory we demonstrate our commitment to creating workplace wellbeing and workforce engagement. It’s our belief good work plays a central role in contributing to people’s health and wellbeing. We believe in the HBGW and the positive impact we have.

Our Vision

We believe that Australian businesses need to understand more about how vital their people are to creating a sustainable business. It’s not just about strategies, structures and systems, important as these are, it’s the people in an organisation who create competitive differentiation. We need to focus on employee development and on developing organisational cultures that work - to develop real capability.

Organisations benefit when they know how to meet employees’ key needs at work, so they can develop workplaces full of: ideas; satisfaction; contribution; and motivation.

Australia is part of the world market. We need to develop world class standards in our managers.

Bridget Hogg, Principal Consultant of HR Development at Work, hopes that 'in the year 2020, I will be sitting on the beach reading a major international management publication, and it will talk about “the pioneering work done in Australia to transform businesses from merely profit-centred enterprises into professional principle-centred foundations of economic development”. I want to read that Adelaide, in particular, has a reputation for great managers and happy workplaces – and thus finds it easy to attract and retain talented employees”.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make a positive difference to our clients and their employees, enhancing satisfaction and performance.

Our Values

HR Development at Work is founded on belief in:

TickPrinciple-centred economic activity

TickSatisfaction and personal fulfilment at work

TickFairness, respect, and justice at work

and a belief that these are the keys to greater productivity, efficiency and profit in all organisations.

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Contact us on +61 8 8322 8455 or for help and advice about attraction, retention, managing the people aspects of change and creating a happy workplace.

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