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managing change

You can book us to run workshops such as “Planning and Managing the People Aspects of Change” or "Building Resilience in a Time of Change and Uncertainty" in your organisation. Let us help you to avoid survivor syndrome – where talented people that you wanted to retain resign from your organisation as a reaction to change.

Contact us on 8322 8455 or to let us know you would like us to meet with you to discuss your needs. We will tailor workshops and events especially for you.

"Planning and Managing the People Aspects of Change" is for you if you are planning a change (growth, restructure, downsizing, redundancies etc) or if you are a manager who needs to be able to manage your team effectively during times of change and uncertainty. "Building Resilience in a Time of Change and Uncertainty" is for everyone involved in a change process - especially those who are affected by change but have little control over it.

We can also help you to manage the impact of change on people leaving your organisation – in particular via outplacement consulting and job search skills coaching. To find out more about these services from HR Development at Work please click on “services for job seekers” on the left. For a free tip sheet on Managing Outplacement and Redundancy with a Human Face please email .

What would make your change process successful?

QuestionKnowing the pre-requisites for successful change?

QuestionHaving a comprehensive plan in advance – including a communications plan

QuestionKnowing how people react in a time of change and uncertainty – and what managers can do to help?

QuestionKnowing how to move people through from anger and resistance to acceptance of change quickly?

QuestionUnderstanding the psychology of change – why people react the way they do and what they secretly need from         their manager at all stages of change to move them on to the next level of acceptance?

QuestionBeing better able to manage your own reactions, fears and uncertainty?

QuestionKnowing how to manage change with a human face, maintaining our Employer Brand and reputation.

We can assist you

We can help you to plan and manage the people aspects of change successfully. We can help you to understand the psychology of change, so you can manage your own states and those of others.

We can assist you to

TickPlan a change program

TickAnticipate employees’ reactions – and plan how to manage them.

TickConsult with employees

TickHelp your change team plan effectively

TickTrain managers to understand and manage team reactions to change

TickUnderstand the psychological contract and how a perceived breach could impact on your change program

TickHelp your people to manage their own emotional states and reactions, building resilience in a time of change

TickIdentify where change programs are in danger of de-railing and help you keep them on track

TickMonitor the ongoing success of a change program.

Change Management Training

We can design and run in-house training to assist your organisation through change. We can also provide ongoing change management coaching to your team.

TickPlanning and Managing the People Aspects of Change – for change leaders

TickUnderstanding and Managing Your Team’s Reaction to Change – for team leaders and managers at all levels

TickBuilding Resilience in a Time of Change and Uncertainty – for professionals with no staff management         responsibilities and team members

If these workshops or our change management consulting and coaching services, sound like they would be helpful for your organisation, please contact us for a free meeting, or more information on (08) 8322 8455.

Our client experience - what our clients say

We have assisted many organisations in the public and private sectors to manage change – including organisations in telecommunications, education, sports, financial services, retail, and consumer goods. To see testimonials from some of our clients, please click on the testimonials button of this website.

We were asked to design a change management program for small businesses for the Department of Trade and Economic Development’s Better Business Series. Here is what the General Manager of the Small Business Services office said about our work:

"Bridget's change program was adapted for us to address the needs of small business. We liked the content, the new ideas and the interactive presentation style - and this program is now part of our Better Business Series. Highly recommended." Tony De Vries, (formerly General Manager Small Business Services).

Here are a couple of other examples of our customer feedback:

"The best thing about this workshop was the psychological contract - I have sat through change sessions before but this was really different and I had not considered it before." Lillian Fowles, Acting HR Manager, TAFE SA

"Bridget managed a large critical project for us with British Telecom, a major client. Her expertise meant she identified the critical issues very quickly and assisted senior managers to identify key issues to take into account in managing their change program." Dr. K. Coaley, Managing Director, Training and Psychological Services Ltd, Herts, UK

Call us to discover how we can assist you to plan and manage change, including outplacement and redundancies. After your change project - have an effective organisation where staff are on board with the changes, and the certainty that you managed change successfully with a human face.

HR Development at Work is there for you

HR Development at Work can help you.

Contact us on +61 8 8322 8455 or for help and advice about attraction, retention, managing the people aspects of change and creating a happy workplace.

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