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exit interviews

Why would you use exit interviews or surveys?

QuestionDo you want to know why key groups of employees are leaving your employment?

QuestionDo you want to measure your staff turnover rates by gender, tenure, employment group or other key measures?

QuestionDo you need information about what you can do to improve employee retention? Where you can best focus your         attention to “get more bang for your buck”?

QuestionDo you need to know what attracts and retains different types of employees so you can plan your Employee Value         Propositions and ensure employees’ key needs at work are met?

Exit interviews and surveys can help you to find out the real reasons why people leave your organisation. They can help you identify the key factors your organisation can improve to retain more employees in key groups.

Exit interviews can help you tailor your approach to retention. One approach doesn’t usually improve retention rates for all employees. With the information you get from our exit interviews you will be able to identify key issues, target key groups of employees with specific effective interventions and identify issues which need to be resolved.

Why externally conducted exit interviews and surveys are more accurate than in-house ones.

Employees tell us that they are more honest and forthright in exit interviews conducted by us than they would be if their manager were to conduct the exit interview. This makes sense – research indicates that one of the most common reasons employees are dissatisfied and leave their employer is due to management style. Our exit interviews are more likely to identify if management style issues are contributing to your staff turnover rates.

Work with us to find out:

TickThe two main reasons why exit interviews don’t work – and how we can work with you to ensure your exit interviews provide valuable information you can use to improve staff turnover rates and your Employer Brand.

TickThe many purposes of exit interviews, including new uses that employers are getting the benefits from (such as changing separation decisions, safety investigations etc)

TickHow to overcome exit interview flaws

TickThe main factors that motivate honesty and why who conducts the interview is so important

TickHow to minimise cost when conducting large scale exit interviews

TickHow to overcome the challenges you are facing

We can assist you to

TickConduct timely exit interviews that collect the information you need to make decisions and improve employee         retention rates

TickHave an exit interview, focus group process or survey that meets all your needs

TickMake sense of the information from exit interviews. We can provide you with summary reports that highlight key areas that need attention and we can work with you to develop a plan of action to improve staff retention rates.

In addition, to compliment the exit interview programs we run, we conduct focus groups with staff who have not resigned. These focus groups help to identify if the group who remain with the organisation share some of the same issues as those who have resigned. This helps us to recommend specific courses of action you can take to stem unwanted voluntary separation from your organisation.

Our client experience – what our clients say

"I have really appreciated having you work through some of our erroneous areas and truly hold you in high regard. You have shown an amazing ability to intuitively pick up on areas of difficulty that not only the agency experiences but also our “top team”. Your ability to work through some delicate areas in a non threatening way with slight humor is nothing but welcoming. Thanks once again Bridget." Andrea Sherratt, Director of Care, SA Care

Call us to discover how we can assist you to conduct exit interviews or surveys and help you to manage employee retention rates.

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