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QuestionDo you want to attract and select employees who best fit your organisation?

QuestionDo you want a great reputation which attracts employees?

QuestionDo you want to attract and select high-fliers, employees with key competences or people with specialist skills?

QuestionDo you want specialist help to manage all of the above, someone to assist you to get it right first time?


HR Development at Work helps its clients to develop and implement Strategic Attraction and Retention Plans.

Our next public workshops are Attracting and Retaining Talent and Interview Skills. Both are fast paced, half-day short courses for busy managers. Both courses will be held on Wednesday March 28th – book now to reserve your place and for early bird rates. To see the content of the workshops, and to book your place, click here for the details.

We can assist you to:

TickReview your recruitment methods - so you can identify and attract candidates who will do a really good job for you

TickDevelop selection methods (such as interviews and assessment centres) to assess the skills your jobs require

TickTrain your managers how to conduct interviews and run assessment centres

TickDiscover what key factors attract people to work at your organisation

TickCreate happiness at work - so you can attract and retain talent, improve motivation and organisational commitment

TickDevelop a Strategic Attraction and Retention Plan

TickDevelop employee value propositions that attract the people you seek

TickDevelop and communicate the benefits of working for your organisation – so you attract the employees you want

With our background in psychology, selection methods and attraction and retention we can review with you how well your current recruitment methods are working and assist you to design and implement new attraction and selection strategies.

Our consultants have designed and run attraction and selection services for many clients in the private and public sectors and have assisted over 150 clients to design their own strategic attraction and retention plans.

Our Client Experience

We have designed assessment centres for start-up manufacturing operations, international banks, local government, telecommunications and postal services operators.

We have assisted over 50 organisations - a wide range of public, private and not for profit organisations (including those in aged and disability care, recruitment and manufacturing) - to develop their in-house recruitment interviewing skills.

Here is what one manager of a graphic design and marketing studio said about how we helped him.

"HR Development at Work revolutionised my recruitment process. The training and materials were tailored to my needs. Now I am able to clearly define what I am looking for and have interviewing tools and skills to help me choose the right candidate for the job. Recruiting now is less subjective and is something that I can do with confidence." Gavin Klose, Director (then DO-DA)

This is what one participant on an in-house interview skills training course that we designed and ran, said about how valuable he found our training:

"My initial perception of this course, prior to commencement, was negative, in that I have conducted many interviews and had grown comfortable with my interview style and could not see the need for the course. Throughout the course, it became apparent that my interview technique/style was deficient. This is an extremely valuable course and essential for all our ASC management team to ensure that we interview competently and have a standardised technique that is applied. This course will provide managers with the necessary skills to properly assess candidates against an agreed set of competencies and ensure they are apply suitable interview techniques (ORCE and SOAR) to achieve the best outcomes for ASC." Simon Ridgeway, ASC (formerly Australian Submarine Corps)

Call us to discover how we can assist you to attract and select employees so you can run a happy, successful organisation.

HR Development at Work is there for you

HR Development at Work can help you.

Contact us on +61 8 8322 8455 or for help and advice about attraction, retention, managing the people aspects of change and creating a happy workplace.

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